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Anyone wishing to start a business must try to determine how their new company will get funded. In reality, there are only 3 ways to fund a company and all of them are with advantages and disadvantages that enter the picture early and late in the game. The most popular way of starting a business is to “bootstrap it,” meaning literally use your own personal assets and efforts to fund all capitalization, expenses, salaries, inventories, and unexpected expenses out of personal budgets. While this has the advantage of leaving you in full control of all aspects of the company finances, it can be a massively difficult process that creates hardships in all aspects of your lives.

The second and also very popular method of financing a company is to try to get a loan, grant, or donation. Although these can be hard to come by initially, they have the advantage that they can be paid back, leaving you in full control. The disadvantage is usually the Bank, Small Business Associate, Grantor, or Donor is going to want to see a pretty detailed set of financials before they are wiling to give you any real money. Have a really nicely set up ProForma Template allows you to go a long way towards demonstrating you ability to pay back these people at a later time.

The third and final method of funding a company is the one that everyone wants in the beginning but learns to hate in the end. the “investor!” Investors require you to either pay them out according to some sort of pre-agreed upon schedule, or they take a piece of your company profits, either ongoing or when the company sells. The advantage of getting a good investor is you can sometimes get money up front without having revenues in place, but this comes at a cost. The most significant disadvantage of getting investors is the fact that you will soon have someone to report to – an entrepreneurs nightmare! Investors not only want you to eventually pay the back with profits, they want to make sure that along the way you demonstrate excellent skills at helping them achieve those profits. This means showing them plans and helping them understand your business every step of the way.

Proforma Templates like the ones available here EZNumbers allow you to quickly demonstrate to an investor that you know what you are doing, have thought this business idea through in a detailed manner, and can demonstrate not only how they are going to make money back, but also exactly when they are going to get paid. Some Proforma Templates have limited numbers of investors, limited loans, and limited business models,not EZNumbers. Click the link to learn more about the different options and start making your projections in minutes.

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We wish you the best of luck with your new venture and hope that our Proforma Template helps you get things off the ground!


What Is a Pro Forma?

A pro forma template creates your pro formas for you. “Pro formas” is the term that’s often used for when an entrepreneur is starting a new company, and makes projections about their business going forward, typically for either three or five years. The term technically means taking…

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